Cancer Treatment


Fusing fashion and function in medically correct compression garments

By Mia James

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If your rehabilitation lymphedema therapist has prescribed a compression garment as part of your management plan, you probably think it’s time to bid fashion farewell. But the truth about compression sleeves and gauntlets (fingerless gloves) is a lot flashier: LympheDIVAs (, a “medically correct” fashion company is making garments that provide compression and allow women to look fabulous too.

LympheDIVAs was originally launched in 2006 by two young breast cancer survivors, Rachel Levin Troxell and Robin Miller, who set out to provide an alternative option to the rough, clinical-looking beige sleeves they had been prescribed to control lymphedema. With the help of a fashion designer and medical advisors, they began developing a line of compression garments constructed from comfortable materials and lively fashion-forward prints.

Though Robin left LympheDIVAs in 2007, Rachel continued growing the product line. Sadly, Rachel was diagnosed with a recurrence in 2007, and she passed away in 2008. LympheDIVAs continues to thrive, however, thanks to Rachel’s parents, Howard Levin, MD and Judy Levin, and her brother, Josh Levin, who now run the company.

LympheDIVAs garments make a fashion statement with designs from elegant to whimsical—the team, after all, honors the emotional aspect of healing and knows that fun accessories are guaranteed to lift spirits. But their sleeves and gauntlets are also made for comfort and function. Materials are selected to do the work at hand (compression) and be comfortable, particularly during extended wear. Comfort considerations include moisture-wicking technology, an aloe vera fabric finishing process that add softness and protects skin, 360 degree stretch for bending and flexing and a choice of compression levels.