Real-Life Tips for Managing Stress

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Patients who are experiencing stress can benefit from a variety of tools and strategies. Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) Facebook friends offered up their real-life coping strategies for stress that can accompany a cancer diagnosis:

  • I try to be outdoors and be with nature. Fortunately, I live next to a big body of water (Lake Erie). When I am able, I go outside near the lake and sit, close my eyes and take a deep breath through my nose and mentally imagine high energy flowing through. – Ellen Irwin
  • I take a deep breath and choose my attitude. I try and focus on others and how I can help them or make their day better and most of the stress just disappears. – Jarri Newton
  • Honey cinnamon green tea and making a conscious effort to breathe properly…ahhhh. – MiMi Papa Ramirez
  • I go to my favorite park and walk. Just being outside and able to walk through the park is enough to lift my spirits usually. – Amber Hayes
  • Getting lost in a good book and taking a much needed nap! – Becky Perkins Dix
  • Go for a walk outside and talk with God. – Jill Crabtree
  • My hubby died with kidney cancer…..and I’ve walked this road with him, knowing full well that God is in control and to meditate and commune with HIM is so important through such a journey…..! I’ve found HIM to be so faithful…! – Joyce Barnwell Whitaker
  • Surround your life with those that love and support you and set boundaries for others that you are obligated to let in. Create a peaceful environment that you enjoy. Remember during times of challenge, “this too shall pass” – Sherry Peters
  • Conversations with GOD and exercise!!!!!!!!!!!! – Kim Frair
  • I, as a caregiver, have a nice long chat with the Lord. Matthew 6:34 tells us “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. Today has enough problems of its own” – Tracy Hitchcock Lynch
  • When stress starts to brew I immediately give it to GOD. I don’t allow the stress to circulate. That would mean the stress would spread, so stop it with PRAYER. – Faye Johnson
  • I am a caregiver and I make sure that we get out and get some air and sunshine as often as possible. -Peg Mitchell Shaw Morrissey
  • My mom always told me to get outside if only for a bit. Breathe deep, pull a few weeds, hang out with the dog or cat. Walk around look at the plants. She was right. It always helps. – Vicki Trout
  • I shoot archery. – David Shaver
  • I lay all stress in God’s hands, for he is the only person that I can turn to. I asked him every day to cure me so I can go on with my new life , and become a whole new person. I also asked him for an extension so I will be able to fulfill all my commitments in my everyday living, to those that I love so dearly, and am obligated to, and when his ready for me to come home, he then will alert me when it’s time to go. – Geraldine DeConte
  • To de-stress, I watch funny movies, take a walk in nature, drink a healthy smoothie, and/or exercise. Talking with friends and playing on Facebook also help. – Kathleen Robertson