Pomegranate Antioxidant Smoothie

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Prep time: 5 minues

Yields 2 servings

8oz pomegranate juice
1/4c strawberries
1/4c blackberries
1/4 blood orange, peeled
1/2c blueberry yogurt
1c crushed ice
Honey, agave syrup or pure maple syrup (optional, to taste)

In a blender, add the pomegranate juice, strawberries, blackberries and blood orange. Cover and blend on high until the fruits are well mixed.

Add the yogurt and crushed ice. Blend on high until the mixture is smooth.

Taste and add sweetener of choice (honey, agave syrup or pure maple syrup), if needed. Start with a tablespoon. If adding a sweetener, blend again.

Pour into two glasses and enjoy immediately.

Per serving: calories 172; fat 1g; cholesterol 4mg; sodium 38mg; carbohydrate 39g; fiber 3g; protein 3g.