General Resources

American Cancer Society (ACS)


This voluntary organization offers a variety of services to patients and their families with information on local treatment options, services and support groups. Contact their call center 24 hours a day for information on cancer-related issues. Spanish language assistance is also available.

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American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)


The American Institute for Cancer Research supports research and public education regarding the relation of nutrition, physical activity and weight management to cancer. Resources include access to newsletters, e-newsletters and practical advice on living a healthy lifestyle.

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Cancer.Net is the patient information website of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). They provide oncologist-approved information to help patients and their families make informed healthcare decisions. The website offers a guide on managing the cost of cancer care, advice on finding a doctor and questions to ask when deciding where to treat. This resource will help you make decisions based on your needs and cancer type.

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National Cancer Institute (NCI)


The National Cancer Institute coordinates the nation’s research program on cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and control. A representative at the NCI can help you find local resources and answer many questions you may have about your diagnosis.

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Cancer Support Community (CSC)


As one of the largest employers of psychosocial oncology mental health professionals in the United States, the Cancer Support Community is a global non-profit offering a network of personalized services and education for all people affected by cancer. You can visit their website to find a local support group.

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Cancer Support Resources



LIVESTRONG Fertility is a LIVESTRONG Foundation initiative dedicated to providing reproductive information, support and hope to cancer patients and survivors whose medical treatments present the risk of infertility. The organization’s website provides information about cancer treatment-related infertility, resources in your area and a fertility discount program.

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Imerman Angels


Imerman Angels partners anyone seeking cancer support with a “Mentor Angel”. A Mentor Angel is a cancer survivor or survivor’s caregiver who is the same age, same gender, and most importantly who has faced the same type of cancer. The matching service is absolutely free and helps anyone touched by any type of cancer, at any cancer stage level, at any age, living anywhere in the world.

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Stupid Cancer


Stupid Cancer provides resources for those affected by young adult cancer. The organization builds online and offline support communities nationwide through local events, social media, educational workshops, an international annual conference and a live weekly talk radio program, The Stupid Cancer Show.

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The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults


The Ulman Cancer Fund (UCF) welcomes young adults (between the ages of 18-35) who are experiencing issues specific to their cancer diagnosis, treatment or survivorship. Young adults face complex issues of independence, personal finance, education or career interruption as well as emotional concerns such as dating, fertility and hopelessness. The UCF provides a variety of support services for young adult patients, including patient navigation, educational resources, peer mentoring, clinical trial matching and a treatment decision tool to help patients make informed decisions about their care.

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Cancer Specific Resources

Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network


The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, comprised of advocates, survivors, medical and research professionals united in support of people touched by bladder cancer, is dedicated to improving public awareness of bladder cancer and increasing research directed towards the diagnosis, treatment and cure of the disease.

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Brain Cancer

National Brain Tumor Society


Through catalytic funding models, robust research collaborations, and a focused public policy agenda, the National Brain Tumor Society is driving systemic change to improve the pace of drug discovery and development.

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America Brain Tumor Association (ABTA)


The American Brain Tumor Association is a non-profit organization that serves individuals globally and awards funds to researchers throughout the United States and Canada. The ABTA provides comprehensive information and support for brain tumor patients, families and caregivers affected by this disease.

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Blood Cancer

The Bone Marrow Foundation


The Bone Marrow Foundation supports patients, their families and caregivers every step of the way during a bone marrow, stem cell or cord blood transplant. The organization links patients and families with expert and patient-to-patient support, provides financial assistance, and offers information about stem cell transplantation.

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Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS)


The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is a national leader in blood cancer research projects. Find financial support, survivor support groups and caregiver support through their website or call an information specialist to access community programs and resources.

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Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF)


The Lymphoma Research Foundation is the nation’s largest lymphoma-focused voluntary health organization devoted exclusively to funding lymphoma research and providing patients and health care professionals with critical information on the disease. One of their programs, the Lymphoma Support Network (LSN), is a one-to-one peer support program that connects patients and caregivers with volunteers that have experience with the same type of lymphoma, treatments, or challenges, for mutual emotional support and encouragement.

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Breast Cancer

610.642.6550 is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information and community to those affected by breast cancer. has an active online community who support one another during their cancer battle.

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Susan G. Komen for the Cure


As the world’s largest network of breast cancer survivors and activists, Susan G. Komen for the Cure is working to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care and find cures. The Komen website has a wealth of resources for breast cancer patients and caregivers, to help them better understand the disease and their options. When you call their toll-free helpline, 800-IM-AWARE, a trained volunteer whose life has been touched by breast cancer can help you find local resources.

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Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Alliance


The Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA) is a national patient advocacy organization dedicated to helping those affected by colorectal cancer. In order to increase rates of screening and survivorship, CCA provides patient support, education, research and advocacy across North America.

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Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation (ECEF)


The Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation is committed to bringing education and awareness of esophageal cancer to the public and the medical community from walking the journey with patients who have the disease to financially supporting research projects that focus on the development of an early warning test for the disease. The organization publishes a newsletter, hosts a patient and caregiver hotline and a monthly support-group conference call.

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Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer Association (KCA)


The Kidney Cancer Association is a charitable organization made up of patients, family members, physicians, researchers, and other health professionals. They fund and promote research projects in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO), American Urologic Association (AUA), and other institutions. KCA educates families and physicians, and serves as an advocate on behalf of patients at the state and federal levels.

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Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Alliance (LCA)


The Lung Cancer Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated solely to patient support and advocacy for people living with lung cancer and those at risk for the disease. The LCA offers a toll-free information and referral service for people with lung cancer and their caregivers. The experienced staff provides current and reliable information regarding lung cancer screening, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment options.

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LUNGevity Foundation


The mission of LUNGevity Foundation is to have a meaningful and immediate impact on improving lung cancer survival rates, ensure a higher quality of life for lung cancer patients, and provide a community for those impacted by lung cancer. LUNGevity funds research into the early detection and successful treatment of lung cancer and supports the largest national grassroots lung cancer network, as well as the largest online support community for those affected by lung cancer.

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Ovarian Cancer

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC)


The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition is committed to raising awareness of ovarian cancer in communities across the country and providing education, support and hope for women with ovarian cancer and their families. To find and join a local chapter, visit their website or call the NOCC information line.

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Ovarian Cancer National Alliance


The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is the foremost advocate for women with ovarian cancer in the United States. The organization offers the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Clinical Trials Matching Service in partnership with EmergingMed, a one-stop service to find clinical trial options. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance Clinical Trials Matching Service is available by telephone at (800) 535-1682.

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Oral/Head/Neck Cancer

Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF)


The Oral Cancer Foundation is a national public service non-profit organization designed to help those affected by oral cancer through resources on prevention, education, research, advocacy and support. Resources include general information on oral cancer, including how patients are diagnosed and existing treatment options. OCF also provides access to a patient message board, where those currently fighting oral cancer and their families can gain insights and inspiration from others with similar experiences.

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Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer


Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer (SPOHNC) concentrates on providing current information for oral and head and neck cancer patients who are trying to gain a better understanding of their illness. Resources include general cancer information, background on clinical trials, newsletters and contact information for local SPOHNC chapters.

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Pancreatic Cancer

Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research


The Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research is dedicated to helping people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They provide information on nutrition, financial aid and doctor referrals, and they connect patients with others with similar experiences.

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Pancreatic Cancer Action Network


The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network provides quality education and resources for pancreatic cancer patients, families and health professionals. The Network's Patient and Liaison Services (PALS) is a comprehensive, free, information service for patients, their families and health professionals. A PALS Associate can provide you with the most current information to help you make informed decisions, including information about the disease, treatment options, specialists, clinical trials, support groups, diet and nutrition.

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Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF)


The Prostate Cancer Foundation pursues its mission of supporting prostate cancer research by reaching out to individuals, corporations and others to fight this disease. The PCF website offers important information about prostate cancer for both patients and their families. Additionally, PCF has partnered with My Bridge 4 Life to launch a patient and caregiver support network ( that allows individuals to track their medical diagnosis, set goals, share tips and communicate with loved ones.

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Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network is a grassroots, non-profit prostate cancer education and support network of 325 support group chapters worldwide, providing men and their families with free information, materials and peer-to-peer support so they can make informed choices on detection, treatment options and coping with ongoing survivorship.

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Sarcoma Alliance


The Sarcoma Alliance is striving to extend and improve the lives of sarcoma patients through accurate diagnosis, improved access to care, education and support. Resources include links to medical centers, chat rooms, sarcoma-related news stories and a discussion board. The Sarcoma Alliance also facilitates the Sarcoma Alliance Peer-to-Peer Network, where you can connect with another survivor who can provide advice and support throughout your journey.

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Skin Cancer

The Skin Cancer Foundation


The mission of the Skin Cancer Foundation is to decrease the incidence of skin cancer through public and professional education, medical training and research. Resources include information on prevention, detection and diagnosis of skin cancer. The organization also offers a way to find a local physician on their website.

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Stomach/Gastric Cancer

Gastric Cancer Foundation

Through education, research, support and advocacy, the Gastric Cancer Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by gastric cancer and working with leading researchers to find a cure to this disease. The organization provides comprehensive information about causes and treatment of gastric cancer and about living with the side effects of treatment and supports research and advocacy efforts.

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Thyroid Cancer

ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivor's Association


ThyCa offers current information about thyroid cancer and support services available to people at any stage of testing, treatment or lifelong monitoring for thyroid cancer. This site also serves as a resource for anyone interested in thyroid cancer survivors’ issues. One of their support programs is a Person-to-Person Network, which connects people with thyroid cancer to offer insight in coping with the disease.

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Financial, Insurance & Legal Resources

Cancer and Careers

Sponsored by the Cosmetic Executive Women Foundation, Cancer and Careers serves as a resource and community striving to eliminate fear and uncertainty for working people with cancer. They offer expert advice, interactive tools, educational events and information about protections under the law as an employee living with cancer. Resources include free publications, career coaching, and a series of educational seminars for employees with cancer and their healthcare providers and coworkers.

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CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation (CCAF)


CCAF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping you afford your co-payments for chemotherapy and targeted treatment drugs. CCAF provides access to all of CancerCare® services, including telephone, online and in-person counseling, support groups, resource referrals, publications, education and financial assistance with treatment-related expenses such as transportation and child care.

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Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC)


CLRC is a national, joint program of the Disability Rights Legal Center and Loyola Law School Los Angeles. The CLRC provides free information and resources on cancer-related legal issues to cancer survivors, caregivers, health care professionals, employers, and others coping with cancer.

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Health Insurance Marketplace


The Health Insurance Marketplace is designed to make buying health coverage easier and more affordable. The Marketplace allows individuals and small businesses to compare health plans, get answers to questions, find out if they are eligible for tax credits for private insurance or health programs like the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and enroll in a health plan that meets their needs.

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HealthWell Foundation


The HealthWell Foundation is a charitable organization that reduces barriers to medical care for patients with cancer, asthma, arthritis and other chronic or life-threatening diseases. The Foundation helps to bridge the gap by providing financial assistance to eligible patients to cover certain out-of-pocket costs, including: prescription drug coinsurance, co-payments, deductibles, health insurance premiums and other selected out-of-pocket health care costs.

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The Medicare Rights Center


The Medicare Rights Center is a non-profit organization that provides Medicare beneficiaries with support services, educational programs and information on current policy initiatives. The organization aims to ensure that all Medicare patients and their caregivers understand the quality of care they are entitled to and their options. This resource provides detailed information on Medicare coverage, Plan Options, Costs, Medicare Rights, and a variety of other pertinent topics.

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My Medicare Matters


A partnership between the National Council on Aging (NCOA) and Aon Retiree Health Exchange, My Medicare Matters helps people with Medicare (and those turning 65) save money and get more out of their healthcare coverage by providing an educational service designed to make it easier to make informed and confident choices about their health coverage.

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The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA)


PPA's mission is to increase awareness of patient assistance programs and boost enrollment of those who are eligible. PPA helps low-income, uninsured patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines they need for free or nearly free. They offer a single point of access to more than 475 public and private programs, including nearly 200 offered by biopharmaceutical companies.

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The Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN)


The Patient Access Network Foundation offers help and hope to people with chronic or life-threatening illnesses for whom cost limits access to critical medical treatments. PAN has provided more than 484,000 underinsured patients with over $880 million dollars in much needed financial assistance to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses

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Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF)


PAF is a national non-profit organization that serves as a liaison between the patient, their insurer, employers and/or creditors to resolve insurance, job retention or debt crisis matters relative to their diagnosis through case managers, doctors and attorneys. PAF seeks to safeguard patients through effective mediation, assuring access to care, maintenance of employment and preservation of their financial stability.

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Patient Services, Inc. (PSI)


PSI is a nonprofit foundation that provides financial support and guidance for qualified patients with chronic illnesses who are struggling to keep up with expensive premiums and co-payments. PSI supports patients living with specific chronic illnesses by locating health insurance in all 50 states, subsidizing the cost of health insurance premiums, providing pharmacy and treatment co-payment assistance, assisting with Medicare Part D Co-insurance, helping with advocacy for Social Security Disability and providing Compassionate Prescription Drugs in collaboration with Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs through the PSI-PI Pharmacy (a non-profit pharmacy).

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Travel Resources

Air Charity Network


The Air Charity Network is a charitable organization that provides access for people in need who are seeking free air transportation to specialized health care facilities or distant destinations due to family, community, or national crisis. Air Charity Network serves all 50 states and its volunteer pilots utilize their own aircraft, fuel and time to provide free air transportation to medical facilities for citizens who are financially distressed or otherwise unable to travel on public transportation

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Air Care Alliance


The Air Care Alliance is a nationwide league of humanitarian flying organizations whose volunteer pilot members are dedicated to community service. Using their own time and general aviation aircraft, pilot volunteers from the many public benefit flying organizations help hundreds of people in need each month.

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Mercy Medical Angels


Mercy Medical Angels partners with major airline and travel companies to provide free or deeply-discounted tickets to meet the travel needs of patients in need. Mercy Medical also oversees a program of volunteer pilots who use their own private aircraft to fly ambulatory patients at no cost throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

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