7 Strategies for Coping with the Emotions of Cancer

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It’s normal for many cancer survivors to feel anxious about their diagnosis, treatment and the potential for recurrence. These strategies can help patients cope with feelings of anxiety around cancer.

  1. Be aware that you don’t have control over some aspects of your cancer. Accepting this thought is one way to ease your emotions.
  2. Express your feelings of fear with a trusted friend or counselor. Being open about your feelings may help you feel less worried.
  3. Observe your fearful thoughts, but don’t judge them. Practice letting them go. Some people picture their worries floating away or turn to a higher power for help in handling them.
  4. Try to live in the present moment rather than worrying about the future or dwelling in the past. If there’s a way you can find to be at peace within yourself, even for a few minutes a day, you’re likely to feel less stressed.
  5. Use your energy to focus on wellness and what you can do to stay as healthy as possible.
  6. Think about ways you can relax, such as relaxation exercises, yoga or short meditations and remove unneeded stressors from your life, if you can.
  7. Exercise and be as active as you can; it will help you feel more fit and lift your spirits.